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By sponsoring, you are directly spreading Islamic knowledge throughtout the world. By the permission of Allāh, our team of students of knowledge, digital publishers and content curators collaborate to produce high quality content in the best digital formats.

Publish Videos

Assist us to publish videos and clips across our social stream that connect the Muslim youth with important topics in formats they understand and share.

Publish Audios

Sponsor lectures and clips for free distribution on soundcloud and across our websites and socail stream. We'll be placing extra emphasis on hard-hitting clips for viral effect.

Publish Cards

Today's digital ecosphere is very visual, we create cards with important scholarly commentry for reflection and sharing.

Publish Articles

Short articles that clarify important issues of creed and methodology as well as issues in popular culture, with a focus on connecting with the Muslim youth.

Social Media

In addition to the website, we fuse together the four aforementioned media formats to prolferate our social media reach. With tens of thousands of likes on FB and Twitter, increasingly, this the front door of daʿwah activity in today's digitally ubiquitous world.

Digital Daʿwah Strategy

Finally, by supporting this project, you are aiding Salafi Publications in our near and medium term digital strategy to position the daʿwah in the English speaking world.

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Donation Campaigns General Donation

Support the project. We aim to design, curate and distribute the best quality salafi digital media under the guidance ..
  Donors : 27
£480.00 Raised
£0.00 Goal Standing Order

Support the project with a monthy standing order (susbcription payment). We aim to design, curate and distribute the best ..
  Donors : 4
£20.00 Raised
£0.00 Goal

Sponsor the Yearly Expenses

There are a number of set expenses involved with publishing items on and our social media channels.  Software subscriptions: £600 /yr ..
  Start date: Oct, 27 2020   Donors : 17
£415.00 Raised
£6,600.00 Goal

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